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Personal Video Review

We pair youth players with a personal coach, who is a current college or pro hockey player specializing in video analysis. 

Through our program, the youth player is able to develop their hockey sense and receive direct mentorship on how to take their game to the next level.

What to Expect

  • Our coaches are fellow players at the college and professional level, who have learned from some of the best coaching available


  • We share the coaching methodologies we're taught with you, so that you can apply them to your game and play smarter hockey


  • After a session, we leave you with actionable steps you can take to become a better hockey player

Ture In Person Video

Mentorship Model

  • We act as mentors to the youth players to help them achieve their hockey goals

  • As part of the Zoom calls, we share insights into our own game and how we focus on our personal development as hockey players 

  • Our Zoom calls often include conversation beyond the video review; we can provide advice on training, skill development, mental toughness & much more

Our Process

1. Let us know the game you would like to review

​2. We edit the game film to include just your shifts


3. We analyze your shifts with you on a 45 minute Zoom call

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