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Highlight Tapes

Whether you are looking to create a recruiting video or gather your most memorable moments from the seaon, we can help create the perfect video for you. 

Our highlight tapes are custom made, and we take time chat with each inividual about the exact needs and use of their video.

We have experience making videos for players at various levels. Our instructor team is involved in the creation of our highlight tapes, so you will be in good hands with high level hockey minds selected the proper footage. 

Videos Include:

Profile Page: including key player information, statistics and contact information 


High Quality Footage: Based on some of your best games from the season, we select 5-10 minutes of gameplay footage that includes a mix of highlight reel plays and high quality shifts

Annotations & Transitions: We make sure to identify the player with annotations on the video and use smooth transitions between each clip

Our Options 

Highlight Tapes

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