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Our Coaches

Players Teaching Players:

We Train & Inspire the Next Generation

Our team includes a select group of current pro & college hockey players. 

As current players, our team sets ourselves apart in our ability to relate with fellow players. We act as mentors and are ready to be a useful resource for youth players as they take their own “Hockey Path”.

With constant access to the highest level coaching, we share the same coaching concepts from top college and pro teams with the youth players we train. 

Pro Players & Coaches

These video instructors are players currently playing professionally or professional coaches at at the junior, college or pro level. These are our top level video instructors with tons of experience in analyzing video and providing feedback.

College Hockey Players

These video instructors are current NCAA hockey players. They play at some of the top athletic and academic schools across the country. Each has plenty of personal experience to share as well as significant video analysis expertise.

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